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Customer Care

Hello thanks for stopping by.  My name is Dale Villajuan, I am the artist/business owner  and this is my online store where I sell my artwork.

We are an online store based in Canada, Greater Vancouver.  The service we provide is to create an online buying experience that is safe and at ease.  Contact Dale Villajuan and he will assist you with your inquiries.  

Do you have any questions? Please contact us.

Privacy & Safety

Dale Villajuan understands the importance of privacy.  We are committed to keeping your personal information private.  This site is set up where you will use third-party banking to verify payment through Interact E- Transfer or PayPal.  We do not collect any data or payment information.  When the payment is successfully complete we will contact you and ship your purchase.

Payment Methods

Interact E-Transfer and PayPal.

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